Whole Body PBM Therapy

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Key Benefits of PBM Therapy Bed

key benefits of pbm therapy bed

Pain And Inflammation Relief

Get instant relief from pain and muscle/joint inflammation, and heal faster from nagging injuries with oxidative stress reduction and PBM therapy.
pbm therapy

Quick Return To Normal Health

Restore your normal physical well-being using the full body LED light that improves your cellular energy through photons of light.
pbm bed

Alternative For Conventional Cure

Use LED light therapy, that uses different wavelengths to trigger different cell reactions and helps you recuperate faster than conventional treatments.
pbm treatment bed

No More Surgical Interventions

Say goodbye to surgical interventions as a LED light treatment offers painless, non-invasive treatment for different medical conditions with multiple benefits.

PBM Therapy Bed Treatments

pbm therapy bed treatment for Sprains and Strains treatment

Sprains and Strains

Using skin-penetrating wavelengths of light, LED light treatments increase your blood flow and oxygen stores. Thereby helping treat muscle tears, ligament sprains, skin and muscle bruising, tendonitis, and bone fractures.
pbm therapy bed treatment for stress injuries

Stress Injuries

Undergoing laser therapy in an LED light treat, you improve your growth factor and nutrient availability. This helps get rid of various repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and rotator cuff injuries.
pbm therapy bed treatment for sports injuries

Sports Injuries

Cutting your risk of deep scar tissue formation and preventing muscle damage, PBM therapy bed helps recover from multiple sports-related injuries, including ankle sprain, bursitis, knee strain, contusion, or hamstring strain.
pbm therapy bed treatment for arthritic conditions

Arthritic Conditions

Regenerating new cartilage and improving joint mobility, the whole-body PBM therapy bed treatment, unlike the traditional therapies that use pharmaceuticals, uses non-toxic alternative to arthritic medications to help you perform daily activities again.
pbm therapy bed treatment for tissue repair

Tissue Repair

Ensuring zero side effects, the PBM therapy bed helps in new blood vessel formation, collagen synthesis, and new skin cell formation. It quickly cures dermal ulcers, compression, and traumatic lesions with the help of low-level laser.
pbm therapy bed treatment health

Other Health Conditions

Apart from treating strains and wounds, PBM therapy bed helps treat degenerative disc disease, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, post herpetic neuralgia, and fibromyalgia. It encourages skin regeneration and beautification as well.