Get Ageless Skin With A Full Body PBM Therapy Pod

Skin care experts are aware that excessive exposure to sunlight can severely harm your skin. In fact, tanning beds are more popular as public enemies in the skin care world, since the cumulative damage from UV rays may result in premature skin aging such as wrinkles and brown spots, and even in skin cancer like melanoma. Yet it doesn’t imply that all kinds of light therapies are detrimental to your skin. PBM therapy bed treatment is a non-invasive, low-level laser technique for anti-aging skin care that many research projects have found to have zero side effects.

Though, LED light treatment is in use for more than a century by physicians and scientists, it is relatively new in the sphere of skin care. However, being an innovative and wellness-driven approach, it promises to be a future-ready medical solution. LED works at the cellular level and so, promotes cellular energy and offers regenerative benefits for the skin.

Working of PBM Light Pod

LED lighttherapy is a simple process and takes not more than 30 minutes to 60 minutes to trigger the internal processes and improve your skin health and overall well-being. It penetrates the skin using optimal wavelengths of light, thereby ensuring safety and relaxation both. PBM therapy is milder on your skin when compared to any laser treatments, which penetrate multiple layers of your skin. The client does not go through any kind of pain, discomfort, scarring, or thermal damage.

Experts say that undergoing LED light treatment brings multiple benefits. It reduces cellulite, fights stretch marks, and makes your skin smoother, even-toned and younger.

Different Therapies for Different Skin Conditions

LED therapy uses different colored light wavelengths to treat different kinds of skin conditions.

For instance, blue light is known for its antibacterial properties and is used to treat acne by combating and killing p. acnes bacteria.

Red LED light is used to repair muscle tears and reduce inflammation. It also regulates sebum production, which is why it is used with blue light to treat inflammatory skin infections. That’s not it! Red light also helps in skin regeneration and damaged cell repair.

Yellow and green LED lights are used for various other therapeutic purposes.

PBM therapy is beneficial for rosacea patients as well.

Is LED Light Therapy Safe for All?

LED is undoubtedly a painless and safe therapy, but it needs to be administered properly. Before administering it, your aesthetician needs to take your brief history and ask several questions regarding particular conditions such as bipolar disorder or hypothyroidism. Any condition must not contraindicate the treatment for you to undergo it.

Forget any invasive cosmetic or anti-aging procedure like laser or microdermabrasion, if you are currently going through it. And let PBM therapy give you a thinner, fitter, younger you in its safe, simple way.